Paula Pin (Lugo, 1982)

Is a researcher and artist activist which has a strong inclination towards research and experimentation processes with collective and free technologies.

She has undertaken residencies at institutions such as CERN, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Art school KASK en Gent, Prototyp_ome at Hangar Barcelona, Gaite Liric en París, Querly Ecologies at Click Festival y OSH Open Source Gathering en Shenzhen, China. . Although her work emerges from within a scientific tradition of research and experimentation, running throughout drawing to abstract video, circuit bending and lab experiments but always located in the intersection where biology, science and queer art collide.

Interactive kinetic sculptures, immersible environments, audiovisual installations, performance and direct action are the art disciplines that she has used in her search for developing new channels to communicate desires and sensations, using the physical body as the bridge which connects nature and technology.

Energy inspired installations in which her manipulate materials and light to reveal new perspectives on the world in which we live. Questioning the boundary between science fiction and fact, much of her artwork investigates a broad range of subject matter relating to natural phenomena such as bioelectricity, bioluminescence, geochemistry and the cosmos.

In 2011 she was awarded a grant from Vida to develop her Photosinthetik Symphony ­ data from sensors attached to plants and her own body generating sound. The project continues development as an hybrid between gender­tech­nature in a sense of tactical biopolitics. This experience of investigation led her deeper into science, especially biology, and led her to rework her artistic practice both conceptually and materially.
Sound, or, more specifically noise, is for her an almost utopia promise of opening, containing all possibles and going beyond the social constructions that musical elements like tone and rhythm impose. Taking the practical of noise as a disturbance into the social construction of gender she co-creates with Maria Mitsopolu the transfeminsm group Transnoise in 2012.

This has led they to experiment with building synthesizers – often worn on her body ­ and Pure Data patches for performance and starting a fluent activity giving workshops for transfeminist oriented people, explaining the basis on electronics and open up a big network of transfeminist noisers.

As her interest in the relationship with nature grows, and influenced by thinkers such as Michael Marder or Karen Barad, she has begun to occupy laboratory spaces and hack the performativity of science. In Sept 2012 she took part, with Hackteria, in the nanosmano life project in Ljubljana where she participated in the investigation of cells, solar panels and other microscopic devices as well as giving workshops.

This activity of workshops, sharing her knowledge and spreading the ethic of DIY and open technology, is an integral part of her practice.

Plants, microorganisms alternative energy, the laboratory, have led her to see the body in a new sense, integrated into a complex mesh of interactions which promise a new transversal function for her work, blurring the distinctions between machine, animal and plant, and opening up new horizons for art and performance.

In the last years after my graduation from Fine Arts College, I have been developing an interest in DIY-DIWO technologies, hacking and hardware electronics, in a context of learning by doing in a transhackfeminist electronics open laboratory (Pechblenda) that I co-founded in Calafou, a free technologies based in ecology and open source ideals. Calafou is the place where different personalities whose trajectories are linked to collectives dealing with trans-gender, transhackfeminist, activist research, technological sovereignty, ecological issues, audiovisual production, transformation of spaces and performances. As a one person that was living there for the last four years I was involved in the day live developments and co-organizing most of the free, open technology events there; you can see bellow the deferents task or implications on it.

My active participation in the lab Pechblenda and Transnoise, besides my social ideals and my work as a noise performance, has taken me to many spaces and contexts, specially to the point of starting to collaborate in Hackteria, a biohacking network. Open up again the opportunity to give up workshops as a facilitator all around the world always putting the focus on spread the knowledge and share experience over a transfeminism horizontal perspective.

The last two years, after bio and transhackfeminist values I have been designing and fabricating the devices for a Mobile Lab that is used for autonomous gynecology practices and investigation. As my knowledge in electronics is based on open source and DIY, the devices included in the laboratory are portable replications of a microscope, a speculum done with a 3D printer, an incubator and a centrifuge.


[2000- 2001] Trained in higher studies at the Image and Sound School, A Coruña.

[2001­- 2002] Technical Assistant in Industrial Design. ETEA, Barcelona.

[2003- 2010] Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Barcelona.

[2008] Exchange student at Multimedia & Photography. HGB, Leipzig, Germany.

[2010] Exchange student in Plastic Arts and Performanceat University of Sao Paulo, Brasil.

Selection of projects and experience:


[October 2019] Cyanovan and Biotranslab presentation at Fabra I Coats at Ecoss event.

[October 2019] Biotranslab exhibited at Bergen Assembly and Workshop.

[September 2019] Biotranslab exhibited at Hammer & Tongs, Zurich.

[September 2019] Wormolution temporaly lab on microplastics on the 1000 Ecologies. Geneva.

[September 2019] 3D workshop at the Digital Design Weekend; Victoria & Albert Museum London. Object from Biotranslab Exhibited on the Digital Permanent Collection.

[July 2019] Workshop and participation in Blue skies – Bodies in Trouble at Essen.

[July 2019] Seminar Biotranslab. Hacking Science from a Transfeminist Narrative. UDKBerlin.

[June 2019] Biotranslab Seminar at Museo de arte Reina Sofía.

[May 2019] Biotechnology Seminar at the Master in Creative Process of the industrial design school Elisava. Barcelona.

[December2018] Professor at the Master in Creative Process of the industrial design school Elisava. Barcelona.

[December2018] Object of study + Review of the Research: Participation in Decision Making by Members of DIY Communites. EZT ( Interdisciplinary art/science Faculty. Luzern, Switzerland.

[October 2018] Workshop and exhibition at Bourges, France.

European Media Art Network Call (

[September 2018] Gathering for Open Science Hardware GOSH at Open Fiesta Master at University of Shenzhen, China.

[June- July 2018] Program design for the summer School Etopia Kids and professor of the program based on Feminist Science and Biology.

[May2018] Master Class and workshop at EZT ( Interdisciplinary art/science Faculty. Luzern, Switzerland.

[March 2018] project selected at European Media Art Network Call ( ongoing residence at Bandits Mages, Bourges, France.

[January 2018] Workshop at La paillase, Gathering, presentation and Performance at Gaite Liric. Paris.

[October 2017] Residence at Gaudi labs. Luzern, Switzerland

[October 2017] Master Class and workshop at KASK Art school in Gent. Interaction with the biolab and Fablab doing devices and experimental research with the students.

[September 2017] Closing and dissemination of two years of Prototyp_ome at Hangar. Workshops and collective exhibition.

2017 July . Institut Curie
Institut institut Pierre-Gilles de Gennes pour la Microfluidique (IPGG) and Open science school

Co-lab ( a format for creative workshops, a community, and a philosophy for interdisciplinary collaboration).

[Mayo 2017 ] BioFabbing Convergence: Fabrications and Fabulations is an open event on the 10-14 of May, 2017, hosted by IdeaSquere at CERN, in Geneva, Switzerland, organized primarily by the University of Geneva, Citizen Cyberlab, Hackuarium, and the Hackteria Network

[Mayo 2017 ] Performance, workshop and Round table at Click festival. Querly Ecologies.

[Mayo 2017 ] Co-lab workshop : Microfluidics & biomedical research.

[Junio 2017 ] Workshop about biomedical devices and electronics at Etopia Art center Zaragoza.

[Marzo- Abril 2017 ] Exhibition of different pieces of hardware for Bio-translab. Gynepunk. Museo de Arte Alameda. Mexico DF.

[ Abril 2017]. Residence and Workshop at cultural Border, fanzinoteca documenting processes of open hardware, microscope building and analysis of epithelial cells .

[October 2016] Master Class and workshop at KASK Art school in Gent.

[September 2016]Ars Electronica, Exhibition of Mobile lab, Biotranslab Pechblenda and presentation/guide tour as an expert about bioart projects cross the exhibition.

[2015-2017] Collaboration of two years project Prototyp-me at Hangar Barcelona

[Julio, 2016] ”’Open Lab Gynepunk V.04”’ [[Open science friction]] Italy

[May 2016]] Presentation of the lab Pechblenda and sharing experiences of learning by doing, electroalchemy synthetizers and microscopes, at Habitació 14- 18 at CCCB Centre de Cultura Contemporanea de Barcelona.

[2014- 2016] Gynepunk project : collaboration as a Pechblenda collective developing the Hardware and ideas around mobile labs.

[November, 2015] ”’Open Lab Gynepunk V.04”’ [[Open science friction]] Workshop and performance. Berlín

Noise instruments, Workshop about Kaos Glam tactile oscillators.

“DIWO Microscopes and Gynecology” Research about bioresistencia with Laura Benitez and UAB. MACBA, Contemporany Art Museum Barcelona.

[Abril, 2015] Exoglands: Radical dynamics

Collaboration residency Pechblenda. fluid, tissues & bloody self-aware enhancement bionicLAB

[March, 2015] Hack the Earth. Symbiotica.

[September, 2015] ”’Laboratorio abierto Gynepunk V.04”’ [[Open science friction]] festival Cyberpunk Barcelona

[December 2014 – 2016] starting our wiki Documenting all the processes of Gynepunk Pechblenda tentacle.,conviviendo

[November, 2014]

– Book Presentation: Technological Sovereignty Ateneo Cooperative LaBase.
“Technological Sovereignty” in its edition in Catalan and Spanish at the Ateneo Cooperative LaBase collective writing I write the Chapter Biohacking:la recherche scientifique comme capacité à performer la réalité. Une révision transhackféministe du hack de la science.

[September., 2014]

– Artropocode summerlab. Participating into a BIOtranslab, Pechblenda&Hackteria A Coruña Galicia.

– Pechblenda Performance at

[August 2014]
– transHACKfeminist!
The TransH@ckFeminist!(THF!)camp!, organized in collaboration with Calafou & /etc (eclectic tech carnival), is a gathering of inter-sectional feminists, queer and trans people of all genders interested in better understanding, using and ultimately developing free and liberating technologies for social dissent, as a alternative to the corporation of technologies and the digital world. We understand technologies in their broadest sense including computer systems, (distributed) networks, “pirate”, community and/or independent radio/ tv, guerrilla knitting and gardening, looming, hardware hacking as well as gender hacking.

Co-organizing, build synthesizers and cooperating with the performance proposals and workshops.
workshop at Pechblenda lab


– Art in action. presentation about Pechblenda Lab and Calafou comunity. Zurich.

Doing experiments with bioluminiscence and wereables.


– Workshop residence Biotranslab at Platohedro. Jaquer Escool, Medellin Colombia. Giving 4 sesions of workshops to young people around hardware and biohacking. Performance with the participants.

[May, 2014]

– Member of the jury and technological facilitator at
– Workshop trans sensitive matter .Cartajena de Indias. Colombia

– Particcipation at Montreal.
workshop and performance Transnoise/QuimeraRosa:

– performance akelarre cyborg :

[April, 2014]

– Participation at
– Workshop with Pechblenda + Fred Kuang-Yi Ku+ Cindy Lin


– AnalGytal workshop and Performance at Transmediale Berlin.

– Extrud-Me creation of polymers, plastics recycling, installation and calibration of 3D printers, CNC milling machine, form collectively and share knowledge to achieve high technical knowledge from the foundations of free hardware, free software, free machining processes, and free materials science (physics/chemistry). Co-organizing and giving workshop and lecture.


– Poéticas de laboratorio sobre prácticas de código abierto. installation based on the process of Biosensing/photosynthetika and workshop about electronics

[August 2013]
– EcoMotores – Co-organizer of Ecomotors at Calafou (autonomosus energy projects from catalan coperative) EcoEngines Fluydine water bombing, Stirling engines, Bio-diesel, leds, free technologies. Organizing and giving workshop and lectures around water technologies.
– Presentation of Calafou and our Transhackfeminista Hard lab Pechblenda at Cbase. Berlin
– transnoise/pechblenda workshop about electronics and prostetics wereables instruments.

[July 2013]
– Freakabolic presents Calafou @MediaLab-Prado [Madrid]
Presentation in live-streaming from MediaLab-Prado: Calafou, projects for technological and transhackfeminist D&R, as well as the BioPunkLab project Pechblenda.

Presentation and workshop around ecology of the river using Diwo Microscope.

– Workshop and performance “the body as sound post gender instrument”. realised together with Transnoise and Quimera Rosa under the concept of Akelarre cyborg.
-Performance Akelarre cyborg at Panke.

[June, 2013].

Mobile labs Hackaton participation on a collective construction of mobile. Ljubljana labs.

-Workshop in Maribor about Diy microscopes and analog projections.,_GT22,_Maribor

– Performance and workshop at Aksioma – Institute for Contemporary Art, Ljubljana

[March 2013]
– 2nd DIY-DIT Week- Hack the Earth
Hydraulic turbine/Water room/Architectural accessibility/Nuvem: Technological Art/Solar Wits/Utopus: open hardware/EcoHack/DIY Beer and licours/HHO motors/ Emotional ecology-Living in community/Microculture/Industrial production sustainable of food/ Bike mechanic/Performances/ Live music

Co-organizing and giving electronic workshop, efficient Led technology DIWO

[February 2013]. Workshop and performance. logic non logic gender of noise

– Lab easy at Art Catalist London. Biohacking workshop

[December 2012]

– Apocaliptic Cabaret Performances/music/NOise/clown/cirq/Fakirism/Trapecist/Rituals/Intersex fishes Co-organizing and noisex performance.


– She moves to live in a autonomous project called Calafou with the intention to build a bioelectronic transhackfeminist lab. /

[October 2012]
– HackMeeting 2012 BatHack
HAckTheMedia/Nerdcore/Humanware/Free-software-for-all/Special Calafou(Towards-ecoindustrial-organising-Post-capitalism). DIWO Microscope workshop.

[September., 2012]

– NanoŠmano – LifeSystem. Temporary Lab commissioned by Kapelica Gallery in Ljubljana
Workshop about BioAutonomy and biohacking hardware to the Biotechnology master group.
[ July, 2012]Residence at Nuvem Brasil, rural hack lab.

[Juny, 2012] Electronic Seminar for the students of the Master in fine arts in Pontevedra Galicia.

[September, 2011]

– Collaboration in the performance with Diana Pornoterrorist. noisesex
intervention and microphone development. Barcelona

– Noise and mapping visuals for “Fobia” at Institut del Teatre de Catalunya in colaboration with Eduardo Alter from Perla Audiovisuals. Barcelona

[November, 2011]

– Production grant from Vida / Bioart grant. Fundación Telefonica for “photosynthetic concert “. Residence at LaBoral Art and Industrial Creation Centre.

– Free culture festival ”PIKSEL” filtered intimacy. Transnoise. Bergen

– Residence Transnoise at LABoral Art and Industrial Creation Centre. Gijón

[July, 2011] Performance at Ecosex Black Wedding with Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens, La Semana Negra de Gijón.
[Juny, 2011] Silver Wedding Ecosex to the Rocks with Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens, Pati de les Dones, CCCB Centre de Cultura Contemporanea de Barcelona.

[2010] Ruidocracia audiovisual collaboration, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
[2010] Performance “Medusa ” in shopping centres in Sao Paulo, Brazil, & San Sebastian, Spain.

[2008­ 2011] Colaboration in the SummerLab, La Laboral, Gijón

[2009 ­ 2011]. Live video at Hangar, Barcelona


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